NEW KEYBOARD VERSION!! (only updated controls, making it so more people can play the game)

You can play either 2 controls or 1 keyboard with 2 players

2 players procedural 2d rythm platformer playing incompatible games, but they need each other to not lose!

This game is about one player running from the darkness, and the other pumping his heart. Whenever the Player 1 moves and do actions, more volume or blood will enter in the heart. More volume means more buttons to push for the Player 2. The darkness makes the rythm of the heart go faster, so be careful and run from it!!

Player 1: 
Avoid obstacles by jumping and run from the dark. You can break some stuff too!

  • Xbox 360: Jumping (Button A), move (Joystick), break stuff (Button X).
  • Keyboard: Jumping (Space), move (Keyboard Arrows), break stuff (M Key).

Player 2: 
Pump away fears. You must pump the purple balls and the yellow balls.

  • Xbox 360: Purple balls (Any button), yellow balls (Left or Right back triggers).
  • Keyboard: Purple balls (Z Key), yellow balls (X Key).

Made by:
Music and sound effects
Programmer and designer

(the buttons in the explanations matches to the Xbox 360 controllers)


Download 21 MB