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Matter of Survival

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Technology requires knowledge and the skill to satisfy our needs. The music in the Prehistoric Era was essential for the survival and human progress.


You are a new Shaman for your tribe, granted with new powers to guide your people with instruments to a better morale. Your mission is survive in this Mars looking planet and get to the last stage, the Neopostmish.


- Click buttons to do things :D.

- Click either the fast or the slow button to start the melody, one of this buttons must be clicked to proceed.

- Click 1 or 2 instruments to combine them.

- Click on the start button to continue.


- Each instrument (the bunny and the snail too :D) has a feeling attached to it, READ them at the start of the game.

More than 50 events! Discover them and good luck!


- Daniel Cruzado (Graphics) @danfanjuegos

- Oliver Moya Bueno (Music) @OrchestralBb - https://olimobu.github.io/

- Sergio Linares Peralta (Programming) @Kelnito


Matter of Survival v1.1.zip 16 MB
Matter of Survival v1.0.zip 16 MB